Recommended Care

Recommended Care

A lacquer finish is used on this furniture to protect the wood. It is not waterproof, clean spills immediately. Dust using a slightly damp cloth, making sure no standing water is left on the furniture. DO NOT use any household cleaners, citrus-based polishes, wood soaps, or oils; they can break down the natural lacquer finish.

Do not place furniture over heating or cooling vents. Dramatic changes in temperature can cause the wood to split.

Do not place furniture in direct sunlight. Natural solid wood furniture will naturally color as it ages, however, direct sunlight dramatically speeds up the process.

If you place objects such as lamps or plants on your case pieces make sure to move them from time to time. there may be a slight discoloration where the object was. However, by exposing it to light the color will catch up to the rest of the case.

In natural wood furniture, the variations in texture and grain will affect the finish, making it impossible to guarantee an exact match between two pieces of wood even though identical finishing processes are used. these differences in character are not defects, but variations that make each piece of furniture unique and beautiful.

Solid wood naturally expands and contracts. In high humidity you may find that drawers can stick slightly. this will correct itself, and is not reason for concern.

Plastic or foam footed items such as phones or clocks can damage this finish, use trivets under such items.