Angela Arc Panel Bed

Artisan crafted moldings and arches create a stately headboard that is as impressive as it is appealing. The low-profile footboard is the perfect complement to the headboard and truly unifies the collection setting the standard for the complimentary case pieces. Accented with a hand carved harlequin pattern and embellished at the point of each diamond with a small satin nickel finished bead, the Panel Bed is the perfect blend between yesterday’s comfortable classic and the modern influence of today’s updated designs.


Designers have used it in multiple settings including Modern Princess, Sophisticated Teen, Glamorous Oasis and Chic Retreat.

Internal Bolt System

This unique system provides a strong connection where the bed rails attach to both the headboard and the footboard without exposing unsightly bolt heads.

Slat Roll Foundation

A plywood slat foundation makes this bed mattress ready by taking the place of a conventional foundation and providing a lifetime of dependable support for all mattresses and mattress systems. Foundation not required.

Advanced Center Support System

A center support system is provided with all full size beds. This system is uniquely designed to support a full size mattress when using the storage unit.