California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act Disclosure

Hillsdale Furniture LLC is committed to working with suppliers and manufacturers that provide fair and ethical working conditions by upholding the human rights of all workers. We will not knowingly work with any company that does not comply with those standards.

This statement describes our actions to guard against human trafficking and slave labor in our company’s supply chains, in compliance with the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010.

Verification of Product Supply Chain to Guard Against Human Trafficking and Slave Labor:

Our products come from partners all over the world, including suppliers and manufacturers located in the United States and abroad. We require our suppliers and manufacturers to certify in writing that they do not engage in human trafficking or slavery in their employment. Our independent inspection agents visit the operations of our suppliers, and are asked to be alert to any signs of human trafficking or slavery, and to report the same to us.

Audits of Suppliers to Prevent Trafficking and Slavery in Supply Chains:

Hillsdale does not conduct audits itself, but from time to time audits are conducted by third parties at the request of Hillsdale’s retail customers. Our inspecting agents also inspect every shipment and visit the more than 50 factories of our vendors worldwide, and they have been asked to be aware of signs of human trafficking and slavery and to report any observed issues or violations.

Certification by Vendors that Materials Used in Their Products Comply With Laws Regarding Slavery and Human Trafficking:

Hillsdale’s suppliers must certify in writing that they do not engage in human trafficking or slavery, and that they are in compliance with all current and later adopted laws of the exporting country and the country in which the goods are produced governing child and involuntary labor. Hillsdale maintains these records.

Internal Accountability Standards and Procedures:

Hillsdale recognizes that it must hold our suppliers accountable for compliance with our standards, including our strict prohibition on forced labor of any kind. If suppliers are found to have engaged in human trafficking or slavery, they will be required to correct the situation. If they fail to do so, they will no longer serve as a supplier of Hillsdale.

Training on Human Trafficking and Slavery:

Hillsdale does not provide any specific training regarding human trafficking and slavery to our employees, suppliers, or manufacturers.